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Hands on B900s Button Press

Hands on B900 Button Press

Photo magnets: Versatile promotional items for the office and home

Popular promotional items, give-aways and souvenirs

Photo magnets are very popular as promotional items, give-aways and souvenirs. As practical organizational aids, they help to create order on whiteboards, magnetic walls or fridges, both in private homes and offices.

Guaranteed visibility and advertising effect

Due to their function, photo magnets are always clearly visible. This ensures a wide reach for your message and achieves an ideal advertising effect within your target group.

Variety in the MountPress online store

Discover a wide selection of photo magnets in various sizes and formats in our online store.

Magnetic versatility

Our photo magnets with magnetic sheet adhere effortlessly to all metal surfaces such as fridges, magnetic pinboards or whiteboards. In addition to the standard photo magnets with magnetic foil, we also offer the innovative MagnetFree photo magnets.

MagnetFree photo magnets:

Versatile adhesive surface without magnetic force or residue. Adheres to almost all surfaces. The MagnetFree adhesive surface of our photo magnets offers secure adhesion to almost all surfaces. It completely dispenses with magnetic force and adhesive and leaves no residue whatsoever.

Focus on popular souvenirs

Photo magnets are particularly popular in the souvenir sector. Whether with impressive city panoramas, idyllic landscape views or humorous sayings – fridge magnets are a popular souvenir for young and old.

Cost-effective individuality from 500 pieces

Benefit from inexpensive photo magnets that are available from a print run of 500 pieces. This allows you to offer your target group a wide range of motifs without high investment costs. Repeat orders are possible at any time!

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